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  • We've teamed up with The Children's Inn again for 2008, so let's try and top the money raised last year!
  • June 13, 2016 Happy Hour Softball is Back!

    Because it was so successful and you demanded it, Happy Hour Softball Season 4 is here!

    Like last year, games will be played Monday nights in Bethesda, this year at Meadowbrook Local Park.  

    Does Happy Hour Softball provide you with more fun than you can swing a bat at?  Of course it does, and you know this!

    Follow the jump to get the nitty gritty on what you need to know about registering and the upcoming season.

    If you'd like to start a team, let us know and we'll get you set up


  • February 17, 2016 Happy Hour Kickball Summer Registration is Now Open!

    It's that time again, time to start signing up for the Summer season of Happy Hour Kickball!  It's our 10th season and we want it to be the biggest and best possible. For that we need you!

    Games still played in Bethesda every Wednesday Night starting April 27 at Meadowbrook Local Park.  

    Does Happy Hour Kickball provide the most legal fun you can have on a Wednesday night, the answer is yes.  

    So follow the jump for all the details on our 10th season and let's get started.

    If you already know you want in, contact us here.


  • November 21, 2015 Congrats to Repeat Booty, your Fall 2015 HHKB Champions!!!

    HHKB Playoff Day Fall 2015 (11).JPG

  • September 24, 2015 Barking Dog Power Rankings

    Barking Dog.gif With Week 1 in the books, let's see how you did bar wise...

    1) 50 Shades of James (NR) - So many Lauers...they were everywhere...

    2) Book Hobo, Verse Etienne: Thou Shalt Blue Moon (NR) - It's a Flip Cup Sweep!

    3) Chilled Juice (NR) - Happy Birthday Chiller!!!

    4) The BlueBallbarians (NR) - Look at all those Bobbies, what site!

    5) Draggin BallZ (NR) - Beer pong, they're good at that.

    6) Pickle Me Elmo (NR) - Matt has so many t-shirts, what's the deal with that?


    8) Repeat Booty (NR) - Chip's got it going on.

    9) Grass Kickers 10: Green is the New Black (NR) - Look at the ladies carrying the load!

    10) Kicknado 2: The Second Squad (NR) - A good turnout but they left so damn early.

    11) Say Ahh...here comes the Kick (NR) - It's Wedding Season!

  • August 19, 2015 Congrats to HoboLauer: Mergers & Acquisitions, 2015 Summer Softball Champs!

    They won!

    HHSB Championship Week Summer 2015 (53).JPG

  • August 1, 2015 Congrats to the TH Sea Turtles, 2015 Summer Champs!

    HHKB Playoff Day Summer 2015 (23).JPG

  • July 30, 2015 Playoff Day is this Saturday

    Check out the bracket to chart your way to glory!

    Playoff Bracket.jpg

  • July 19, 2015 Happy Hour Kickball Fall Registration is Now Open!

    You hear that?  That's Fall knocking on your door!  And Fall means Sunday Funday, which HHKB is happy to say it created!

    Come out and play some Fall Kickball this coming September through November every Sunday Morning at at Meadowbrook Local Park.  

    Shirts are gonna be a little special this year with some MD flavor all over the place!

    Registration is now open!

    So follow the jump for all the details on our 9th season and let's get started.

    If you would like to start a team or need a team, just let us know!


  • July 11, 2015 Barking Dog Power Rankings -

    Thumbnail image for Barking Dog.gifBarking Dog Power Rankings, post bye week!

    1) Chill the Juice (3) - They won everything and Morgan and Chiller made a mess.

    2) Hump Day Squad (2) - Don't look at Bizz without permission! 

    3) Pulp Friction (6) - Shots for errrrrrrrrrrrrybody

    4) I Just Blue Myself Doing Work (1) - Dropping spots but not far.

    5) Grass Kickers 9: Cleats and Cleavage (5) - Manny and the New Girl, it's gonna be a great Alt Rock Album someday.

    6) It's all about the Booty (8) - Changing clothes is the new orange is the new black.

    7) James Lauer. Period. (4) - Sometimes a man stands alone.

    11) Kick Tease (7) - Where

    11) Yo Hobo and a Bottle of Rum (9) - Were

    11) TH Sea Turtles (10) - You

    11) Kickballers (11) - Guys?

  • June 26, 2015 Barking Dog Power Rankings

    Thumbnail image for Barking Dog.gifBarking Dog Power Rankings, by Potato Salad!

    1) I Just Blue Myself Doing Work (2) – Two team flip cup wins in a row!!  

    2) Hump Day Squad (1) – Where is my rail red?!

    3) Chill the Juice (5) – Morgan shared all the jalapenos

    4) James Lauer. Period. (4) – Andrea came all the way back from NYC just for KB!

    5) Grass Kickers 9: Cleats and Cleavage (7) – The Jessica’s were getting feisty during Survivor  

    6) Pulp Friction (6) – Welcome back, Little Annie

    7) Kick Tease (8) – A lot of Hope Solo butthole but not much else, “Sweetie” 

    8) It's all about the Booty (10) - Chip's still trying to do some booty 'cruitin'!

    9) Yo Hobo and a Bottle of Rum (9) – Poor little Sean playing all alone 

    10) TH Sea Turtles (3) - I saw not a one

    11) Kickballers (11) – No surprise here 

Updated standings are now located on each individual sports page, thanks!